Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Best Meal of the day: Shakeology for Breakfast!

One Scoop Chocolate Shakeology - 160 cal
1 Cup Tropicana Farm Stand Peach Mango Juice - 120 cal
1 cup blueberries - 85 cal
1 cup ice - 0 cal

Mix in blender and enjoy! 
Total Cal - 365

So Yummy and Healthy!

For those on the 21 day Fix 
this consists of 

Shakeology - 1 Red 
Fruit in Juice and Blueberries - 2 Purple
Veggies in Juice - 1 Green

Monday, June 29, 2015

21 Day Fix....2 weeks in

2 weeks of 21 day fix.... I have not been able to do it EVERY day as far as the work outs as I had the job class and then getting sick...BUT what I have done...according to measurements I have wrote down from when I started....4 lbs gone and a total of 4.5 inches lost all the way around. AND my boyfriend tells me from going to the gym that the muscles on my back/shoulders are tight now...AND I have so much more energy then I had. Thanks to working out, watching how much I eat and Shakeology!! 

I am officially starting the 21 day fix workouts again today since I do not have the classes and gonna add in Rockin Body with Shawn T lol a Morning workout and afternoon workout! LETS DO THIS!! lol

So Measurements for the *Official Start* are...

Weight -     250lbs
R. Bicep -      13 in
L. Bicep -      13 in
Chest -          48 in
Hips -            53 in
Waist -          50 in
R. Thigh -  21.5 in
L. Thigh -  21.5 in

Next weigh in and measurements will be taken on 

July 20th, 2015

Lets show these people what working out can do!